US Universities Based on your GRE score

Hello all, these are some of the good universities that one can get admits if they have the GRE scores mentioned below. However, keep in mind that having GRE score alone cannot get you an admit as there are several other factors that need to be considered like your SOP, academic scores and TOEFL score.

The list of universities based on GRE scores is given below

GRE score > 1400

University of California, Berkeley

University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign

Purdue University

GRE Score: Between 1300 and 1400

University of Minnesota

University of Michigan

University of California, Santa Barbara

Boston University (Good scholarships)

University of Texas , Austin

University of Maryland, College Park

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Colorado Denver

University of Pennsylvania

University of Maryland

GRE score > 1250

University of Florida, Gainesville

University of California , Irvine

University of California , Riverside

Iowa State University ,Virginia Tech

University of New Mexico

College of William and Mary

University of Maryland College Park

University of Cinncinati

GRE score between 1200 and 1250

New Jersey Institute of Tech

Arizona State University

University of Arizona

University of Idaho

College of William

Mary Pennsylvania State University

Ohio State University

Oregon State University

Texas A & M University

University of Alabama

University of Connecticut

Cincinnati State University

University of South Florida

Auburn University

University of Texas, Dallas

San Jose State University

Texas Tech Lubbock

GRE score between 1150 and 1200

NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

SUNY, Buffalo

University of Pittsburgh

Colorado State University

Mississippi State University

North Carolina State University

Indiana University , Bloomington

New Mexico State University

University of Texas, Arlington

University of Houston

Velinova University

GRE score between 1100 and 1150

NJIT(moderate chances)

Indiana University , Bloomington

SUNY, Buffalo

New Mexico State University

California State University , Chico

Washington State University

Arizona State University

Florida State University

University of Illinois, Chicago

University of Nevada, Reno

University of North Texas

Univ. of Arkansas Fayetteville

George Mason Univ

Old Dominion Univ

Oklhama State Univ

Univ. of North Texas

GRE score between 1000 and 1100

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

WAYNE state university

Illinois Institute of Technology


Kansas State University

University of Delaware

University of North Dakota

University of Missouri, Rolla

University of Wyoming

University of Oklahoma

Bradley University

San Deigo State University

Northwest Missouri State University ( Low fee)

University of Arkansas Little Rock

University of Houston Clear Lake

Western Kentucky University

University of New Orleans

University of Texas San Antanio

Indiana University Purdue University

University of Arlington

Ei Paso

Nothern Illinois University

GRE score less than 1000

Indiana State University
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Gannon University

Oregon University
Texas a & m commerce

University of Bridgeport

University of North Virginia

International Technological University

You also need to consider the acceptance rates of universities to know the chances of getting an i20 from that university. Find the link below to know the acceptance rates of various universities in USA

University acceptance rates below

University acceptance rates imply the percentage of number of students selected to the number of students who applied. Most of the universities listed here are for ms in us aspirants. Let’s categorize the university acceptance rates into 3
- high, medium and low

Colleges with high acceptance rates:

The chances of getting admission in these colleges are very high as the acceptance rate is high.

North Western University – 100%
Oregon Institute of Technology – 93.7%
South Dakota State University – 93.1%
University of the District of Columbia – 92.7%
University of Northern Colorado – 92.5%
Arkansas Tech University – 92.4%
Northern State University – 92%
University of Kansas – 91.8%
Oregon Institute of Technology – 93.7%
Indiana University-Purdue University–Fort Wayne – 96.4%
Northwestern College – 94.5%
Pennsylvania College of Technology – 94.5%
Western Kentucky University – 94.2%
Oregon Institute of Technology – 93.7 %
Southeastern Louisiana University – 93%
University of Northern Colorado - 92.5%
Arkansas Tech University - 92.4%
University of Kansas - 92%
Oregon Institute of Technology – 93 to 94 %
Arizona State University – 90.3%
Idaho State University – 90%
University of Texas, Arlington – 90%

Colleges with medium acceptance rates:
Auburn University – 53%
University of Alabama Huntsville – 53%
University of Arkansas – 53%
University of Colorado Boulder – 56%
George Washington University – 55%
Florida Institute of Technology – 54%
University of Miami – 49%
University of Hawaii – 58%
Illinois Institute of Technology – 53%
Southern Illinois University– 56%
Wichita State University – 57%
Louisiana Tech University– 62%
University of New Orleans – 42%
University of Maine – 46%
University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth – 74%
Michigan Technological University – 55%
Western Michigan University -61%
University of Mississippi – 43%
University of Missouri-Kansas City – 58%
University of Missouri Rolla – 48%
Montana State University – 52%
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) – 60%
New Mexico State University – 64%
University of New Mexico – 42%
SUNY Binghamton – 39%
SUNY Buffalo – 25%
University of North Carolina Chapel hill – 35%
University of North Carolina Charlotte, NC– 63%
North Dakota State University – 48%
Ohio University – 67%
University of Oklahoma – 47%
Oklahoma state University – 45%
University of Rohde Island – 50%
University of Texas, Dallas – 61%
University of Texas, El Pasco – 80%
Utah State University – 51%
George Mason University – 67%
Old Dominion University – 63%
West Virginia University – 50%
University of Wyoming – 35%

Lowest acceptance rates colleges:
These are the colleges that have very high GRE and academic requirements and have low acceptance rates. You are lucky if you can get into one of them!
University of Texas, Austin – 19%
California Institute of Technology – 10%
University of California, Irvine – 16%
University of California, Riverside – 19%
University of California, San Diego acceptance rate – 17%
University of California, Santa Barbara – 16%
Yale University acceptance rate – 11%
University of Connecticut – 21%
University of Delaware – 12%
University of Florida,Gainesville – 11%
University of Georgia – 20%
University of Illinois, Chicago – 16%
University of Illinois, Urbana – 13%
Iowa State University – 14%
University of Iowa – 20%
Stanford University – 25 to 28%
University of Kentucky acceptance rate – 18%
Purdue University- West Lafayette acceptance rate – 23%
Boston University acceptance rate – 23%
University of Maryland- College park acceptance rate – 13%
Harvard University acceptance rate – 11%
Massachusetts Inst of Technology acceptance rate – 24%
University of Massachusetts- Amhrest acceptance rate – 10%
Michigan State University acceptance rate – 8%
Mississippi State University acceptance rate – 24%
Washington University iSt.Lious – 29%
University of Nebraska –Lincoln – 22%
Princeton University acceptance rate – 14%
Rutgers State University – 12%
University of Rochester– 7%
Ohio State University – 18%
Pennsylvania State University – 21%
Brown University acceptance rate – 14%
Rice University acceptance rate – 11%
University of Virginia – 11%
USC acceptance rate – 20 to 40%- not sure
Washington State University – 16%

It is very important to consider these rates for pursuing masters degree in USA . You need to choose at least one University that has high acceptance rate to make your study abroad plan a success.

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